Valentine for YOU

The greatest LOVE of all is an amazing story of a man. The man loved without feeling the love returned him. He tried many ways to receive love: by walking and talking with them directly, by provided for all their needs and establishing a trusting, loving relationship without pressure. That didn’t seem to be enough. People did what they thought best without seeking his advice. They actually turned their backs on him and drove him away. This man was so saddened and felt so rejected, yet he didn’t give up. He tried several ways to make the people see their need for his relationship: they were defeated by enemy nations, they died from plaques and diseases, they were oppressed and treated like slaves. When they couldn’t take the beatings anymore, the people would beg him for help. And he would help. This cycle continued for many many centuries until he decided to show his love by sending his only son to be born, live and eventually die for these stubborn people he desperately loved. His son lived 33 years telling them how much his father loved them. Instead of accepting the son’s words, the people mocked him and called him crazy and eventually killed him. What they didn’t know was that was the man’s plan from the beginning. The son had to die so the people would eventually listen and believe the great love the man has for all the people. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son and whoever believes in Him will have eternal life and not perish” John 3:16.

Experience the CRAZY kind of love God has for you! Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior today!!

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