Follow Your Leader

We have natural born leaders in this world. We also have natural born followers. Studies show that our brains take short-cuts in thinking by just doing what others are doing — just follow the leader. This is not always a “good” idea. In order to protect yourself from your brain’s short-cuts, KNOW what you believe and IN WHOM you place your trust. When we are in daily fellowship with God, our brains will follow our faith. If we are weak-minded, we will believe anything. This is how and why advertisements are a major part of our industry. The advertisers try to convince you of your need by making the decision easy and attractive.

SO, be strong-minded, be strong in the will of God and let the Holy Spirit guide your brain to the right decisions. The only ONE you are to follow is the Lord Jesus Christ! Follow Your Leader and Master, the One who paid for your sins.

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