What Defines You?


So many folks we see walk around like a billboard, advertising for someone who is already well known. We see Nike, Under Armor, Variety of College and Professional teams, Coach, Michael Kors, Apple, Levi, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Denali, Expedition and Ford.

You can tell I don’t know much about these except what I see and what my boys ask for. We spend education money on getting children to be confident and safe in an environment to learn about who they will become. Why do folks go crazy over named items? I truly don’t understand it. Are we trying hard to get over the fact Adam and Eve made clothes out of fig leaves? I’m sure it was not a fashion statement but sackcloth of shame.

We should encourage students to be their own person, advertise how smart, confident, beautiful, and kind they are and will be. I want kids to be defined by their actions of courage, skills, encouragement, success, truthfulness, kindness, patience, and loving spirit. Peers will always remember that student defined by her kindness shirt and success pants. They will not remember Levi and Nike.

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