Being Color Blind


Being color blind is a strange problem to have. My younger son is color blind. He asks me about shades of blues and blacks, greens and browns. He is also color blind in another way. Being outgoing and out spoken, he will talk and play with anyone in his 10-foot radius. I love his friendly spirit that attracts diversity.

I don’t understand prejudice in our culture. Maybe my childhood taught me to be color blind. I lived in an Air Force community that served a diverse group of people at every level of education. My best friends in elementary school were black girls. As an adult, I find myself having a diverse group of friends. If the saying “friends of a feather flock together” is accurate then I associate with those who have a strong spiritual nature and let it show. God’s Spirit draws His Children together. I love that about God. He wasn’t prejudice at all even to the point of being criticized about hanging out with “those” people. Jesus saw non-Christians and Christians. This is how we should see others around us. Those that know Christ will become allies and those non-Christians need prayer and love. Romans 2:11 tells us that “God does not show favoritism”.

It seems to me that those who are prejudice and hate others that are different from themselves, suffer from selfishness and foolishness. We have to realize that we are all different and should make adjustments to accept that. Communication is the bridge to remedy prejudice ideas. When we see someone “new” or “different”, instead of talking about them and hating them by their looks, talk to them and find out what is in their hearts. If their hearts show contempt, don’t associate with them. If their hearts show friendliness, we should be willing to continue a relationship.

Hatred and selfishness originates with Satan whom was jealous of God and wanted attention on himself. God could not put up with that and thus kicked him out of heaven with one-third of the angels. Many today carry the same kind of selfish desires that keep them kicked out of society yet fighting to be in. Let us follow God’s command, “to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us” (1 John 3:23).

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