What Will You Sacrifice?

busy media

There are so many things in the world between family and work that keep us busy. We don’t have to wait for our food to grow or make clothing. We get what we need and keep moving at a rapid pace. Some families get to the point where they have to choose activities and make time to see one another.

When Jesus was on Earth, he spent a large amount of time praying or talking to His Father, God. This was how He remained on task, remained strong and sure of His purpose. Satan spoke to Jesus and tried to get Him to settle or compromise His purpose. Satan is still on Earth trying to get followers of Christ to settle and compromise their purpose. If Christians become too distracted to pray, attend church, care for others, love one another, then we are playing into the enemy’s plans.

It’s time to make some decision about our busyness. We must make praying our #1 priority. I’m guilty as anyone not making time to pray. As I read the Bible, it is clear that God works through prayers. We may have some idea of where God wants us to go in life, but we will get busy with family and work and often our plans for God get placed on the backburner. When the disciples met Jesus, they had families and work. Jesus asked them to “follow me”. They did without question. They dropped everything they’ve ever known and followed Jesus. They had to spend quality time with Jesus to learn His message and what their new purpose in life is. That’s what we need to do. We don’t drop everything in our lives, but we make time for prayer, time to listen to God and hear the wonderful things He has to say to us.


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