Hold Your Shield Up!


There are fiery darts headed your way all the time. Can you see them? They don’t look like your typical arrows on fire. The come in the form of hate, bitterness, anger, violence, bullying, threats, glares, gossip, and abuse. We can hear and feel the darts that come from people in our lives, but sometimes the arrows pierce our hearts and minds and make us thing negatively. We think we are useless, worthless, hated, fat, ugly, no-good, lazy and unaccepted. These arrows are the most dangerous because they work from the inside out. A mind and heart with these negative emotions on the inside will work slowly to tear down bodily systems. We develop problems with our digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, and even our mental capacity. Good thing is the enemy designs medications to deal with each and every problem we may face. These medications while treating our problem can and usually create more problems. KEEP you shields up and protect yourself from the darts of all kinds that we will face each and every day.


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