Are you SICK?


In this world, we have a variety of problems, illnesses, diseases, and issues that keep us from being who we want to be. No child grows up hoping they will have cancer as an adult. We want to be healthy and able to do the work we are called and meant to do. We fight against the calamity of this world to be healthy. It is a daily struggle to be healthy. It is a never ending battle of proper exercise, food intake, and rest. When we become slack, we quickly get out of shape, eat too much and look for the sleeping aids. It would be great if 30 minutes of pigging out on cookies was equivalent to 30 minutes of walking. Alas, we were made to work 10 times as hard to get rid of weight than to put it on. Some times, I’m just sick and tired of the constant struggle to be healthy. It can’t be a 4-6 week thing, it is a lifetime commitment. Being a Christian is also a lifetime commitment. We want to love God on Sundays and for just a few hours during the day before we inhale our food. Being a Christian is a daily discipline just like being healthy. Once we learn to discipline our minds and bodies, our lifestyle journey will become easier to manage. Jesus knew the struggle as well as His disciples. Mark 2:17 tells us “it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners”. It’s amazing to know that God is always there as our great Physician, biggest Cheerleader, awesome Encourager, and grateful Redeemer to see that we make it through each day with a disciplined mind and body. We are not in this alone. Jesus wants us to depend on Him for our daily needs whether it’s mind and/or body. Whenever you struggle, ask God to give you strength so you can best represent Him in body and mind! I’m staying SICK, so Jesus will be made Strong!

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