What kind of “nut” are you?

There are a variety of different nuts that can parallel with the variety of different personalities. They are both a natural part of this world. We have our favorites and some that we just don’t like. The pecan is a staple nut. It is often used in many recipes and just plain good! However, being popular and abundant does have drawbacks. The pecan personality can easily be broken or affected by another pecan.

The pistachio is a easy nut to break into; this personality compares to the teenage years where teens are open to new ideas or just anyone who dares them to do something. They are easily swayed. They are also healthy, energetic and addictive. Having two teenagers drives my life and motivation as well as my patience.

The walnut is a tough nut! All the way around, it is closed up tight. This personality is difficult and kept closed off. The walnuts are people hurting and aren’t willing to suffer being broken. I think we all have seasons in our life where we are a walnut. Folks holding on to past regrets and painful memories keep their hearts walled up. It is a defense mechanism of survival; yet these walnuts haven’t given God control. Only He can break the wall and set the nut free.

I want to be a coconut! This extremely unique nut has its body armor on to protect it from any element that comes its way. Even though the nut is completely sealed with armor and extremely unattractive, it holds within a treasure of sweet milk and meat. Many Christians are equipped with the body armor of God to fight off the enemy’s attacks. We are tough, a bit hairy-looking but when you take time to discover the secrets we hold inside, you will be blessed and we give all honor and glory to God the creator of all nuts; yet, He chose us to be the coconut!

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