From the bowels, get moving!


We all have experienced a season of constipation. There’s an entire field of medical doctors devoted to the fact that we are going to be constipated! Just as irritating and uncomfortable as it is, we also experience a constipation of the heart. Our hearts were made by God and He designed them to be able to manage them Himself. They are delicate and the center of each person. God wants to be in the center of each person’s life. God cannot work at our center when it’s constipated, filled with guilt, hate, shame, resentment, anger,  frustrations, and control. God did not call Himself a plumber! We have to clean up our own constipated heart for Him to resume His position of control. How do we plunge the heart? God may not be the plumber, but He knows Who is. The Holy Spirit will cleanse your heart when you allow Him access. So many of us don’t realize the constipation we have until our hearts have ruined our lives. We must see a need for plunging, our lives are full of those negative emotions mentioned earlier. We don’t like the way that feels. No alcohol, drugs, or casual sex can help the heart, even though that’s the world’s answer. To have a cleanse, we must see our need for God and He will give you the Holy Spirit plumber to make your heart squeaky clean! So to empty those heart bowels, get moving!!

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