Are you paralyzed by self-doubt?


I’ve wasted many weeks of my life doubting myself. A word or look from someone can send me into a spiral of what’s wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? What are they thinking about me? Maybe I’m not good at this? What if they think I’m worthless? CAN ANYONE RELATE?

I’ve beaten myself up so many times that may be the reason I bruise so easily. It’s abuse from the inside out. During these times of self-doubt and self-abuse, I’m paralyzed from being productive for God. I spend all my extra moments thinking how God couldn’t use or even want to use someone like me. I’m no good. Isn’t that the exact place Satan wants us? He wants us to spend years doubting what God has promised. By being ineffective for Christ, we are effective for Satan. His first assignment was to make Eve doubt what God told her. Great plan! It works very well. Our goal is to recognize when the enemy is working against us and immediately take it to Jesus. Jesus will remind you not only that you are His and worthy of all His promises, but also that the enemy has been defeated.

We are human and will continue to struggle, but instead of a week or months of self-abuse, I’m down to only a couple days before I run to Jesus and let Him slap Satan in the face!

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