What Did I Do?

Mother Daughter Conflict

It always amazes me when I get this response to teenagers whom I have to correct. After given the directions to be seated and stay quiet, there’s always a few who ignore them. Consequently, they are given a free ticket to the office in which they reply, “What did I do”? Like constantly falling for the same trick, I’m amazed at their response. Why does it surprise me? Maybe because it is difficult to believe the disrespect teens, kids, students, children have for adults these days. Why have they become so empowered? What happen to the authority of adults and chain of command? I think back to when my boys were < 5 years old and they were willing to do what was asked. It was easy to make a game out of cleaning, putting away toys and getting things done. The worldly influences from then on warp their minds and attitudes to produce arrogant, disobedient, rude and obnoxious teenagers. I can’t blame it all on the world, the family structure has a great influence also. In the school setting, I’ve seen parent-teacher meetings in which parents reflect the same attitude that caused trouble for the student. No one is willing to be held accountable for their actions and/or behavior.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you are responsible for your actions, behavior and attitude. Don’t blame it on your parents, economic status, or poor schooling. Being a “good person” has no boundaries or limitations. If there is anyone to blame, it can be the enemy. Because of the fall, the world is a hard place to live in. What’s your alternative? Not living or changing your heart towards the only One who can create a change in your attitude, behavior and actions: Jesus Christ came to defeat the enemy of this world.


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