Are Rocks Weighing You Down?


You are not alone in being weighed down. Not only does Gravity work against us, but negative emotional rocks and SIN weigh us down. This weight affects us emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, and mentally. How you ask? Look at all the rocks pictured; they affect you emotions. Bitterness and jealously will cause you to keep people at a far distance and make you feel that you can trust no one. Resentment keeps your heart walled up against that person and everything related to that person. Example: you resent the cheating thug that passed the test when you didn’t. So not only do you resent and hate the thug, but the class you’re in and maybe the teacher for not doing something about what they had no idea about. Emotional rocks are extremely complicated and have many tentacles to grab onto others things unrelated. Spiritually, we all have the sin rock. That is the biggest one and is the cause of all the others. Jesus came to earth to help us with the sin rock. He willingly died for us so we could get rid of the sin rock. When we accept what Jesus did for us, He offers to take the rocks from our lives. We don’t give Jesus what we don’t realize we have. We must identify the rocks in our lives in order to give them to Jesus. Evaluate your emotions daily and see what rock turns over. I realized whenever I heard about child abuse on TV that my resentment rock was still there. I finally had to confess it to God and allow Him to remove it. The lifted weight is evidence of rock removal! Let God make you lighter today!

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