Still Playing Dress-Up?

th-1 11-42-15

Is it any different when we dress up in our best to attend church on Sundays? Who are we really dressing up for? What about the seasonal churchgoers? Department stores thrive on the fact that people go to church on Easter Sunday in a new dress. We are all guilty of it. Can you imagine what Jesus thinks about our nation today? The greed for money and more money has blinded the nation to the point where we are immune to a Holy God who demands respect. James 4:1–6 tells us harshly about our problem. Our friendship with this world, wondering if we are accepted, liked, pretty enough, thin enough, have the right shoes, clothes, latest purse has taken the place of importance in our lives. When we get to heaven, God will not say, “Girl, where is your MC bag?” God looks only at your heart. If you happen to have Jesus in there, He will claim you!

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