You may not believe in God

Just the idea that an unseen being controls or made the universe is absurd. It’s an unintelligent belief to make people feel better about their lives. It gives some people a platform to make money and gain acceptance. Peer pressure and popular opinion seem to win people over and convenience them of a godless society. Jude warns us in verse 18, “there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires”. Only a personal relationship with Christ can prove He is real and worth living for.


But those who don’t believe their is a God, why do they spend energy and time trying to convince others of something they don’t believe in. Our worldviews are different, that’s the greatness of having a personal opinion and to be able to speak about our opinions. There are enemies all around trying to hurt the name of Christ. If you have a negative feeling of church or God in general, think about the person who is involved with that feeling. It isn’t God at all, it’s that person. We know that churches are full of hypocrites and sinners. That’s what we all are. Most of us don’t try to be hypocritical, but sin is a battle. Church is for sinners to find redemption and mercy and grace. We don’t attend church to show off our latest outfit, believe it or not.

2 thoughts on “You may not believe in God

  1. Being delusional, and believing in Christ, voodoo, Zeus, Thor or Chango is just silly. Its all the same thing, a belief in something that does not exist and cannot be proved. if you are happier, it is because you made yourself happier. If you are now more successful in your life, its because you did it, not some imaginary god. Time to grow up friend.

    • Actually, Christianity has been proven historically, geographically, and experientially. I pray that God will reveal Himself to you so you can see for yourself just how great and wonderful my God is. Thanks for reading!

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