Education vs. Prison

school building

prison building

Looking at statistics on-line, it is amazing what is happening around us. We are grossly unaware of how and why our tax dollars are being spent. It is always more fun to spend someone else’s money. That maybe why the Government is spending so much! If you have children in school, you can get an idea of how much time and effort people are spending to make sure your children have a quality education. Looking at the newspaper, you can see the struggles educators endure to provide an education. One website shows that to educate one child from kindergarten to 12th grade, we spend about $24,000. Can we be guaranteed that this child will become a successful member of society and work in a community to give back as a tax-paying citizen? No. Unfortunately, certain cultures and economic struggles continue with the cycle of struggles and desperate attempts at making money. Another website tells us that incarcerating a youth in Illinois is $78,000. Why do we spend more money to keep them out of society instead of educating them to begin with. United States is the only country who spends so much money on prisoners and prison facilities. To me, this is added proof that we live in an evil fallen world where folks commit evil crimes and we have evil supporters who support the criminals and their “rights”. Success breeds success and poverty breeds poverty. The cycle can be broken. We don’t have to be what our parents are or have been. We have a choice, wealthy or poor, to make something of ourselves and do what needs to be done. There are success stories if we look for them. Reading the stories in the Bible, we see that the wealthy Pharisees did not believe in Jesus maybe because He was too common. His disciples were not part of the well-to-do crowd, they were common people making a living by working every day, struggling with life and providing for the family. How will any of this change? It won’t. It has been going on since the beginning of the world and will continue until Jesus comes back to send Satan to hell forever.


One thought on “Education vs. Prison

  1. I spent 11 years in federal prison. I want to believe I’m better off now because of the hard learned lessons I experienced. But sadly, I’m the exception. Inmates are releasing from prison much worse than when they set foot inside.

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