Storms of Life


storny seas

Whether you are a Christian or not, there are storms (troubled times) in your life. There are divorces, break-ups, loss of loved ones, fights, being fired, having no money, having little food, being in pain, having a disease, or stricken with terminal illness. These things affect everyone because we live in a fallen, evil world. Do we roll the dice and see what we are dealing with? We don’t know what storms we are going to face in life. We can bring some storms our way by making wrong choices. Jonah, being a prophet, was told to go to Ninevah to tell them to repent from doing evil. Jonah knew that if these evil folks were to actually repent, God would forgive them and they would receive God’s mercy. Jonah felt they needed to face judgment. Because Jonah disobeyed God, a storm was sent to get his attention. This storm scared the mariners on the ship. They thought for sure they were going to die. They asked Jonah if he knew what caused the storm and he did. Jonah knew that he disobeyed and God was getting his attention. He told them to throw him overboard and the seas will calm. Once that happened, the mariners believed in God and worshiped Him.

When you go through storms, let others see your faith in God so they will praise Him!


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