USA = Un-united States of Anarchy

US of anarchy

Watch the news on any given day at any hour and you will see and hear about folks showing out in big way to hurt others. If we didn’t see each activity daily, I wonder if there would be so many murders. Back in the day, we didn’t see the murders and violence although they exists. Seems that over the last decade or so, we have crazy nut-job people trying to out murder the next. It’s our own fault. We have television shows that showcase mentally unstable psychopaths. The shows are becoming more frequent and more extreme. We are making these psychopaths the heroes of the shows and making their extreme crazy behavior normal. So when we have moments where we “snap” it seems ok, because it happens on television to obviously many individuals.

People are taking measures into their own hands. If you get angry with someone, your reaction is to kill them. If we have been cheated, we get even. Normal folks have to be careful not to make others mad because they don’t know how that person will react. We are returning to the Wild, Wild West. Everyone packs heat and ignores the local sheriff. The major difference is instead of towns with 300 people to keep in check, we have towns with 300,000 folks demanding their own individual demands with no concern for others. ANARCHY!

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