Would You Be Convicted?


Criminals usually leave a trail of evidence and hints to their obscure behavior. There may be changes in their behavior noticed by friends and family, problems at work, comments left on Facebook or other social media. Too often, the evidence is found after a tragedy occurs. As a community of people, we are supposed to look out for one another. Living in a civilized community allows us the right to be “brother’s keeper”, to hold people accountable for their actions. This is biblical and could possibly eliminate most criminal activity. Most criminals don’t leave evidence on purpose, but their evidence becomes a part of their lives and just happens.

We leave evidence of our lives everywhere we go: home, work, school, friends’ homes, etc. Anyone could determine our natural existence by the evidence we leave. Especially with the use of smart phones and tracking apps, we can locate anyone we may want to find. People can tell a lot about us by the way we spend our time, the amount of time we are at home, the food in our pantry, our mail. What about evidence for being a Christian? Could someone determine your commitment to Jesus by the way you spend your time, the things in your home, the music you listen to, the posts on Facebook, the relationships you have with others? Being a Christian is more than a temporary acceptance and visitation on Sundays. Having your life transformed by God (2Corinthians 5:17) means that everything you think, feel, watch, listen to, say, do, desire, and strive for becomes what God wants for you. Our entire being is intertwined with God’s plan for our lives.

Evaluate your daily routine and see what evidence is there to prove you are a Christian, a lover and disciple of Jesus Christ. Would you be convicted?


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