Somewhere Between Moses and Rahab


There is a stereotype on Christians. The meek, quiet spoken little man or woman who always obeys and submits to others. A generous, smiling face and warm embrace is always greeting you and ready to just listen to you. That sounds nice but is untrue for most Christian folks. They are like everyone else with families, struggles, pain, and disease, loss of loved ones, jobs, and friends. They go through divorce and bankruptcy and are at times barely holding it together. The only difference from a Christian and a non-Christian is their heart. The Christian knows that Jesus came to earth to be a final sin sacrifice for the world and those who believe in Him accept His grace and surrender their lives.

We all consider Moses the pinnacle of human holiness. He spoke with God. He had to have been different than every other human on earth at that time, but he wasn’t. He got angry and fought, even killed a man then ran away. He fussed with God about what he was supposed to do because he was scared. He turned out to understand God’s provisions and eventually became a holy giant in Christ. Rahab on the other hand was a prostitute, living in sin and surrounded by pagan religious beliefs, YET, she heard about God and believed enough to have a godly fear of what God could do. She hid the two scouts from Israel knowing that their God would destroy her sinful city. Her faith was credited to her as righteousness (James 2:25).

Whether you grew up with knowledge of God or became radically changed seeing God at work, you become righteous by believing that God is who He says He is. These examples are proof that God loves each one of His creations and woos us back to Him one way or another if we will just believe.


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