Another Judas Kissed Jesus


There are going to be people and groups who directly defy God and all that He stands for. Judas was one of the twelve disciples Jesus spent so much time with during His three-year ministry. The man ate dinner with Jesus. He saw every miracle and changed life first hand. Why in the world would he turn Jesus into the authorities for a few coins? Self. Self tells us (with a whisper of a serpent) that we don’t need anyone to make us complete. We have to work and make decisions on our own to advance in life and to get what we want. Judas was deceived by Satan just like Eve was, just like we all are at times. Our enemy looks for ways in which we are weakest, so he can whisper what we want to hear. When we hear a lie about a way to get what we really want, we will believe it. Satan knows this and works it very successfully to his advantage.

Most recently, Madison County, Georgia was forced to remove the Bible verse from their statue. The students wanted it the way it is including the Bible verse. They choose to express their faith and freedom of speech in this way. Why does it bother some groups who may or may not even live in this town? Because God is being glorified and that pisses Satan off! So he whispers how wrong that is and that it violates our laws of church and state.

So what do we do? Christians have a choice. We can go along with the protesters and believe we are in violation of our rights OR we can take a stand for our freedom of speech and the FACT that our country was founded on godly principles. Protesters are more than welcome to move to a heathen country where Satan prevails and live freely without using our currency, which says “In God We Trust”.

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