Where’s Your JOY?


JOY is the first glimmer of life in a newborn’s eyes. All life is created by God, so it makes sense that joy is the very first emotion. This was seen in the movie “Inside Out”, which was my favorite part. Joy is the emotion in which core values were learned and remembered. This little girl in the movie was happy because of her core values shaped around joyful times in her life. As life goes, we have different emotions and experiences that shape who we are. Some children live in poverty, have parents who can’t take care of themselves, are abused, unloved, or forgotten. Some go through divorce parents, death of parents and other major milestones that define their personalities. At one point, JOY was missing in her life. She became depressed, angry and miserable (those were the emotions left in her head). One great thing about God and JOY is that they can come at any time in any situation and turn your life completely around.

The story has a happy ending, just like life with Christ. JOY found her way back into the little girl’s mind and helped her rebuild memories and core values that shaped her happy life. Whatever we face in life, we can face it with JOY because of Jesus living and guiding our lives.



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