Guilty by Association

guilty by association photo

We are what we eat. We act like the people we hang around. We can even develop a similar accent that resembles our foreign friends. By law, if you are in close proximity to a criminal during the crime, you are guilty. If you are in a close relationship to a criminal, you will be questioned. Children always believe that their teacher lives at school because that is where she is always seen.

We associate folks by where they work, live, how they look, and how they vote. Stereotypes are hard to avoid sometimes until we get into conversations that prove otherwise. It’s always good to not “judge a book by its cover”. There may be times when you don’t want to be associated with a certain group or statement. It’s important these days to be politically correct and stay away from offensive ideas or beliefs. There is a healthy balance between being politically correct and standing your ground. Jesus was not good at being politically correct because the politics refer to world view. The politicians of His day were also the religious leaders. Their religion was based on knowledge of ritualistic practices. Jesus brought a new idea to religion, which is having a relationship with God; to actually commune with God Himself through Jesus and not depending on a mediator, the religious leaders.

Peter was a devoted follower and disciple of Jesus, yet when Jesus was arrested and sentenced to die, His followers were reluctant to step up and partner with him. Peter even denied knowing Jesus out of fear of being thrown in prison himself. No one likes to be pointed out as among the “guilty” crowd. But Jesus calls us to do just that. He never wavered on His commitment to God and His claim to Jesus, the Chosen Messiah for all Israel. He was persecuted for His claim. Christians are often persecuted for their claim to take a stand for what the Bible says is true and what the world says is acceptable.

Where do you stand? I stand guilty by associating with Jesus Christ!


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