God Says “NO”


No one likes to be told “no”. It is usually one of the first words little ones learn as they explore the house and encounter dangers. No is necessary for them and for adults. We need to realize that “no” is a part of life and often keeps us out of trouble or keeps us directed in the right direction. God set rules and limitations from the beginning. We have and continue to push the limits of God’s rules. God sets the limits for a reason. Just like the best of parents, we want to protect our children and guide their lives in order they become successful, god-fearing, productive adults. Parents can see ahead to the greater good for their children. God sees the greater good for our future. He created us and knows exactly what we need to go through and the challenges that will strengthen us.

God’s first “no” was to Jesus. Jesus prayed all Thursday evening for another way to become the sacrifice for the world. Jesus knew what agony he was facing and pleaded, begged for a way out; yet doing the will of His Father. God said “no”. We will get “no’s” and praise God for every one that keeps us on the safe, perfect plan of God’s will.

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