The Reciprocal of God

Have you ever wondered why the word dog is the reciprocal of God? Having two dogs currently living in the house has brought this question to mind. I am their master. It amazes me how much they love my family. Being at home during the day, these two follow me, keep a close eye on what I’m doing, they want to be near me at all times. They beg for my attention and beg for me to engage in their play time. If I’m napping, they will nap with me. If I’m in the yard, they are outside waiting except for the little one who digs through every barrier we put up to get to where I am. Their love and devotion makes me question my love and devotion to my Master, God. We Christians are often referred to as sheep being led by Jehovah-Rohi, the Great Shepherd. I would rather be a dog who stays at the Masters feet, who begs to be near and play with the Master, who keeps an eye always on where the Master is. I want to be excited that my Master comes home and provides food and water that sustains my life.

There is no other animal that shows love and devotion like the dog. Dog is considered man’s best friend. We take care of our dogs and accept them into our family albums. Having God as our Master should reflect in our lives more so than being a dog-lover. Our home, our grocery list, our daily practices should reflect our love for our Master. Dog-lovers often alter their lives in order to make sure their dogs are involved. We vacation with our dogs or have Nana keep them.

How devoted are we to God? Consider your dog and begin acting like one towards the Master of all things!

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