Moving is HARD work!


We recently moved everything from one household to another. It’s amazing how much stuff was collected and kept that has absolutely no value at all. We had wonderful people with heart and big muscles to help us. There’s no way we could accomplish the move on our own. The big things like beds, dressers, couches, televisions, freezers, washer and dryer all part of everyday life but definitely need help in moving. Many items we just toss in a box and tape it shut. There are those items that need careful attention like lamps, computer, pictures, mirrors and glass top tables. Just looking at everything that needs to be moved causes anxiety and stress. I would rather just give it all away and start over.

With all the loading and unloading I am reminded of all the junk that collects in my heart that needs to be moved out. Many items are heavy like anger, bitterness, shame, guilt and unforgiveness. These heavy loads need help to move out of our hearts. Since many of our friends have the same load to move, they aren’t much help. We have to have God to help move it. He is the only one who has the muscle and power to move it out of our hearts and destroy it.

God takes the heavy things away and let’s us start over. We don’t need those worthless things in our lives any way. That load is not worth keeping with you. It only causes more problems. It is always in the way. Since we can’t move it, we usually cover it up so we don’t have to look at it. But our lives/hearts will be so much roomier and nice when it’s removed. Allow God to help you move out the heavy from your heart.

What if we don’t move? We would be stuck in the same place and have to take a different job that may not be as pleasing or keep the job that was killing your spirit. Many people like to stay in one place; never move: emotionally or physically. I’ve seen many folks stuck in their own world not knowing how to change because it’s been so long. I know the thought of moving is painful, but consider the joy, the change, the blessings that will come with a new address, new heart, and new outlook on life.

The life we are living is full of change. Just about everyday, we change our minds, our opinions, our attitudes, and our feelings. If we didn’t have these daily changes, we wouldn’t be living. God wants us to constantly change, grow and become more like Him. The children of Israel were stuck in the wilderness for 40 years because they refused to trust God to move them. I don’t ever want to be stuck. I will look for ways to grow: studying the Bible, prayer, and surrounding myself with others like-minded. Let’s MOVE this mountain!

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