Dare to Glare



I admit, I hate glares of light. They are shocking, invasive and damaging to light colored, sensitive, contact-wearing eyes. I can attribute 50% of my headaches to glares and flashing lights. Glares do have their purpose. Rescue vehicles and motorcycles use glares with light to warn people of danger and just to be cautious. Riding behind cars, you can get just the right distance and angle to be blinded by a glare. The glare is a powerful reflection of the sun’s rays. Glares are bold, strong and confident. They can happen anytime they in the right proximity from the sun. We should be so bold to reflect the Son, Jesus, to others that they can’t help but notice, not in a bad way like many glares, but a light that is attractive and noticeable. Glare, not on our own light, but the light of Jesus, which is calming, humble, positive, friendly and compassionate. While the world is in the hectic mode of rushing around and busyness, let us dare to glare a smile, handshake, warm embrace, and friendship. Glare a bit longer through the day to show everyone you meet. Be the light in someone’s day that makes them take notice.



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