We Choose Barabbas!!!

I recently saw in the news where the students at Harvard believe that America is a bigger threat to world peace than Isis. Look at the video:


At first I was shocked, but then the story of Jesus and Barabbas came to mind. Barabbas was a killer, a thief, an overall horrible person with no conscience of right or wrong. Jesus was condemned and the Pharisees wanted him killed. Rulers of that day, Caesar and Pilot tried Jesus in court, but could find nothing wrong with him. A bit eccentric maybe, he posed no major threat to society. His threat was to the kingdom of darkness and the Pharisees wanted him destroyed. After many protests from them and others rallied for the cause, Pilate simply washed his hands of the decision. He did, however, give the people a choice, which happened every year, to release one prisoner. Pilate pleaded with these citizens, who praised Jesus just a few days before, to release him because there were no charges that warranted the death penalty. The crowds, influenced by evil, demanded to crucify Jesus and release the murderer Barabbas (Luke 23: 18-24).


I am not saying that America is perfect and resembling of Jesus, No Way! But evil has a way of always presenting itself and making a loud statement. From the beginning of time, the enemy has worked to destroy mankind. With whispers and strong convictions, evil is spoken from our mouths and rallies others quickly. Usually, not much thought is involved as the emotional scale is tipped. People are eager to join the bandwagon, whatever the cause and cost. May God silence our lips until our hearts and minds are united.

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