I want to be homeless when I grow up!

Being apart of a community means everyone contributes to the success and growth. We educate students in the hopes that they will come back to the community with necessary skills to build on. Many students want to leave their hometown never to return. That means they are being productive somewhere else. Not too many students admit that they want to be homeless after high school. There’s a list of community members who fall into this category in every community large and small. We have homeless, jobless, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, hobos, and a group totally dependent on government assistance. I understand the need for government assistance for certain people that are completely unable to work and contribute to society. However, we have a growing number in this category that find it comfortable and stable to the point that generations will depend on it.

My focus is more for the other citizens who probably dressed up like firemen, policemen, football players, cheerleaders, doctors, nurses, and Cinderella. As children grow, they develop their interests by seeing their environment. Does the life of a homeless person have an appeal? What would they say? I wonder what they wanted to be when they finished high school? We all make choices in our lives. We choose to finish school and attend college or tech school. We plan our future by making choices that direct us along the correct path. Not everyone is meant to be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, or even a dancer.

We are created for a plan though. God created every human from the past, those living now and those to be born in the future. God does have a specific plan for each one of us. Each one of us has to figure out that plan through a personal relationship with God. It is not like the “hat” that decided Harry Potter’s group. If we refuse to allow God to show us what we were created for, we are left to our own limited knowledge and wisdom to guide us. That’s how we end up with the hobo who just isn’t willing to think anymore.


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