Do You Have Your War-Time Walkie Talkie?


James Fraser was a missionary in the early 1900’s. He strongly believed in and saw amazing evidence of prayer. It all started with his single mother, whom had six children, praying for one to be a missionary. Fraser served God for the Lisu people in China. He used prayer as a lifeline during war not an intercom for telling on people. Fraser saw first hand, “the aim of satanic power is to cut off communication with God”. This of course is done not by blocking God from hearing us, but by convincing us that we are too tired to pray, someone else will pray, that’s not really important, or I will pray later. Our culture is full of “waiting”, “later”, “next time” and “it will be alright”. Our God is answering prayers of His people. He tells us to pray for one another in order to keep the Holy Spirit built up and strong.
Fraser journaled:
“The whole cause of my defeat these two days is weakness of spirit.
Under these conditions, any test you take fails to work. The spirit
must be continually maintained in strength by unceasing prayer,
especially against the powers of darkness. All I have learned of other
aspects of the victory-life are useless without this.”
How often do we pray? Not just before meals, and one sentence prays for certain needs that pop in our mind, but on our knees, face down, in conversation with our God about what is happening in our lives and pleading for others’ needs. I’m guilty of not doing this everyday. Where do we find the time? I want to challenge you as well as myself to eliminate one 30-minute show and spend that time in prayer. Let’s try it for a week and keep a journal to see what wonders God reveals to us. Let me know how you do!

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