Holiday Magic


Being sick for a week allowed me to sit and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. I love them like most women. After a few days, all the movies are the same. The characters are all looking for something special to happen that will transform their lives for the better. Most of the people are cynical and weary of the one sharing “Christmas Magic”. Events take place where the person has nowhere to look except at the truth. Every character in the movies and every person on earth wants peace and joy. We want to turn crappy lives and feelings into something great. Even adults want to believe that there is some magic that will happen around this very special time of year. We need to understand that this evil world tries to tear us down, tear us apart and destroy our lives. If we are not physically torn apart, we are emotionally, mentally and socially. We are not to blame anyone. We take our circumstances and with a positive attitude and joy of the Lord, we move forward. For example, if we were to ask every person in prison about why they are there, most will name a person whom they hold bitterness and hatred for. That way of thinking will keep them hostage in their miserable lives.

Have peace on earth and peace of mind by realizing your place in the world according to how God sees it. He holds the “magic” of Christmas which is available for everyone who wants to believe. It isn’t the time of year that makes it magical, although I love the lights, decorations, and Holiday Spirit. What everyone wants and needs is the free gift that Jesus gives to everyone. This free gift promises 365 days a year of internal joy. It isn’t a perfect, no-problem life, it is a life where even through things maybe falling apart around us, God has us.


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