Erase All of History


Just get rid of it all! Let’s take away the Confederate Flag, let’s chisel away at Stone Mountain until we have Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. Mount Rushmore is next. Why stop there? Let’s go back to Vietnam and bring back those men, women, children who died, go to Germany and build the Berlin Wall. Let’s give the United States Flag and song back and live under the Rule of England.

We cannot erase our history. You don’t have to like it, but that doesn’t mean we have to get rid of it. I’m greatly offended by World War II because my grandfather lost his right leg at the early age of 20. It’s a part of history, I’m sure he wouldn’t have chosen to give a leg if given the choice. We lived through history and it is what it is. We don’t change it. We learn from it and adjust to life in the present. If you are offended by the Confederate Flag, don’t wave one, don’t acknowledge, and DON’T force everyone else the right to remember history.


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