In light of recent events, our culture seems to condone riotous behavior. Many excuses were given for their behavior: they are under-educated or uneducated, no work available, living in single parent homes with many siblings, low-economic area shared by many others. I understand being angry at injustice and hurt over a friend or loved ones death, but that doesn’t excuse breaking the law. Many civil protests have taken place in this country without breaking laws and creating more devastation. Allowing teens to riot because they are upset over a neighbor’s death is inexcusable. Not only did they violently show their anger towards local police, but they ruined and destroyed lives of other neighbors by burning and looting businesses. And anyone who sits by watching the riots and looting take place is just as guilty as looting and burning the buildings down themselves.

In a town which already suffers from poverty and business opportunities, protesters continue to make their lives more difficult. If the protesters were truly upset about the death of their neighbor, they would do something for the family and show love for a family in pain, not steal merchandise out of CVS and other stores in town. Justice is being cried out among the youth who were a majority of the protesters. Is it justice to ruin and steal from 200 businesses in town that are already struggling to make a living. Justice was not obtained by the riots. Is justice gained by killing a police man in the town because a criminal died? We would not have anyone alive in this world if we practiced eye for an eye or even taking law in our own hands. We have order and laws for a reason.


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