You are Chosen


We all want and desire to be accepted. Facebook makes this desire known as we scan posts to see how many likes we receive. We are left empty as long as our hopes and dreams are depending on others. It is a struggle to be accepted by everyone we come in contact with, and we need to learn early on that it is not the typical “real world”. Many new parents are adamant on keeping their children’s self-esteem high and not letting the real world struggles, like being disliked, become a problem. Sometimes we need to talk to those who don’t like us and figure out the problem. If no one likes you, then it may not be everyone else’s problem. Sometimes we need to evaluate our own personality and attitude in order to mature.

Whether you have personality issues or feel the need for everyone “like, love” your FB status, there is good news! You have been created, loved and chosen by God.



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