Marriage Wasn’t Made for Happiness



Ever since Eve was made from Adam’s rib, marriage was designed to have male and female creating a complete union. Adam was incomplete by himself and with one less rib, so the female completes the package. They were made to help one another; To be a constant companion, helper, lover, support in times of trouble and cheerleader in times of joy. The complete package of man and woman marriage is just that: Complete. It will ruin if and when it becomes separated. Not saying that the complete package doesn’t get run over and smashed and torn along the way. It definitely does, but it also gets restored, refurbished and redesigned only by the grace of God. This world tries to tear it apart daily and statistics tell us it does so with great success. It is a challenge to protect the complete package, to keep it fresh and away from the dangers of this world. Be intentional in protecting your marriage. There isn’t always happiness involved, but being complete is the goal.


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