What We Learn


People learn from one another. Tarzan learned from the monkeys how to survive, traveling from limb to limb and communicating with grunts. We learn from our parents how to walk, talk and about our surroundings. While we are learning our ABC’s, we pick up on arguments, hatred and impatience, or love, kindness and humility. We are specifically told how to love or hate others, we can tell by the actions of those we learn from. Learning is a two-way process. Not only can we learn from a parent, but the parent learns a great deal from the baby. This is especially true with animals.

When a family adopts a puppy, they offer a flood of love and attention and care that sets patterns for the puppy to feel safe, secure and further develop their individual personalities. You could say the more you love your fur-baby, the more your fur-baby will love you back. And the opposite is unfortunately true. Our family recently lost our first fur-baby, Samson, of 10 years. He grew up with my two boys at the ages of 5 and 7. He was the third brother, until he became the big brother, protector of us all. Samson was always ready to play. He loved the outdoors more than the boys did. He would play football with them in the back yard as “all time tackler”. He loved to chase. We worked on his manners a bit and helped him with self-control. It was difficult because he loved everyone who came within eyesight. Being a boxer, he wanted to get his front paws involved in loving others. Samson wanted to be wherever we were, outside, inside, on the couch, in our laps, on the bed, in the kitchen, on the porch. He went with us on vacations and enjoyed exploring new locations. He made us smile and talk funny.

We learned to be patient, to be scheduled with our day, to be with someone without having to talk a lot. Samson taught us unconditional love. Not matter if we were upset or angry, he would approach you, get in your face and demand attention which provided a distraction from our temporary troubles. He was always happy to see us, no matter how long time had passed. He wanted to be near us, to wait at our feet, to get a rub, hug or kiss. Being 80 pounds, he wasn’t the most comfy lap dog but he didn’t care. He would try to get in your lap and if you sat on the floor, he was definitely there.

We need to be so in love with our Master that we are excited to be in His presence, to sit and wait at His feet. We need to long for the time each day that our Bible opens up and we get to hear from Him, to get confirmation of love and acceptance. Our lives are forever changed by the way our Master loves us. On earth, we are forever changed by the relationship we create with our dogs.


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