Why is change so hard?

Change is a huge part of life. Many of us would say changing is hard; we’d rather just stay in the same job, house, town, state and routine. It’s been a known fact that you “can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. That applies to many folks, young and old. Even now, as technology is becoming a major part of our everyday lives, the older generation don’t want to learn how to operate and be apart of the tech-age. I don’t blame them. It takes effort, time and patience that we are short of these days.

As we approach fall, all of nature begins changing just like they did last year. They automatically know what to do, nature doesn’t protest or refuse. It embraces the change and does so with beautiful splendor. The autumn season change is major: it’s death of leaves and dormant grass and shrubs. If we were going to die, we wouldn’t do it so willingly. But only when leaves die are they able to produce the seed for new life. I love watching cotton growing in fields over the late summer months. As the end of September/early October approaches, the full green leaves start to wither and crumble only to show off the fruit of cotton it is meant to produce.

We are the same way; we cannot produce the fruit we are meant to have unless we die to ourselves. Jesus’s life was a living example of death to produce a greater gift. He lived a difficult life toughing out all the elements of evil in this world. As he persevered, he gave into death on a cross because he knew it would produce fruit for you and me to have. Because Jesus did not remain dead, we can enjoy the life that he gives us. We simple eat from the fruit and have everlasting life.

When change is looking at you in the face, “bring it on” and know that you will become better for enduring the change in order to grow closer to Christ. There are many changes that we must endure in life. Don’t dread it or avoid it. Praise God and ask him to show you the next step to take. God is molding and shaping our lives to look more like him. We must be willing to bend!

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