Lured By Your Own Hook

hooked on jesus

It’s easy to say “the devil made me do it” but it isn’t quite accurate. He may provide the temptations that we are easily drawn to – just like a shiny beautiful fishing lure. The fish see the lure and really want to bite it. They may see it from afar, get closer to it, touch it, nipple it and then if it is irresistible, they bite “hook, line and sinker”. There are many ways we can participate in sin. Just by being in the “right” place where the lure is dangling is dangerous. Jesus tells us to avoid temptation, to keep ourselves away from places, things, situations that may cause us to bite the lure. (Don’t go into Krispy Kreme when you are on a diet)

We know where our weaknesses are. We avoid those areas and commit to being intentional about our actions. It’s all about will power and the power of Jesus that dwells in us. Our will power is greatly affected when we spent time with Jesus. More time = greater will power. Less time= lower will power. James 1:14 tells us “but each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.” Don’t be lured away from Jesus to be hooked by sin. The end result will be death – for you and the fish.


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