Be Happy About Your Suffering


Being sick is no fun, there’s no pleasure in suffering illness, disease and near death. How can we be happy while suffering? Being in the midst of conflict, trouble or loss is difficult to handle. We don’t know how to handle these situations until we go through them and experience the pain. When we come through a personal trial successfully, we learn ways to adjust. There are some people who learn quite often how to deal with suffering because they experience it so often. I think about Job. He was loving life with all his land, money, cattle and growing family. He quickly lost every single thing he had including the clothing on his back. After many months, years of suffering, he continued to praise God for His goodness. Job realized that God was in control and Job could not nothing about it accept control his own attitude about life. Life was horrible, yes but Job relied on his belief and respect of God.

Some folks think that when you become a Christian life is great and trouble-free. Not sure how that rumor started, but looking at the Bible, it is full of folks who had to suffer for the cause of Christ, for their belief in God, for the dreams God gave them, for their heart that followed the God of the Universe instead of the King of the World. So it is the same for us. History of the Bible shows us that the idea of God is accepted, but doing what God says and directs, believing in the Holy Ghost and that Jesus was actually born of a virgin and God is ridiculous and blasphemy. Jesus stated that He would be rejected by men (Luke 9:22). Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth as a King and suffered, bled and died as a criminal. If Jesus suffered willingly because He greatly loved us and wanted to provide for our salvation, how then can we escape this world without suffering for believing in Him.


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