Dyslexic America: blurred and backwards

dyslexia photo

As a teacher I can understand the frustrations of students who get letters jumbled up in their minds and ate unable to articulate the actual words being read. As a 40+ year old, I understand first hand having things correct in my mind yet spoken totally differently. Just like students, I will look at you and proclaim, “You know what I mean”!

America’s dyslexia is a whole new phenomenon. Instead of being a nation under one God, we are a nation under many gods. Instead of protecting our country from enemies of other countries, we are having to protect ourselves against our neighbors. No longer can we live by the Truth’s of the Word of God like our Founding Fathers did, we spit in their face and defy all the Commandments given to us. The history of before our country is woven throughout the Bible whether you believe it or not. If we deny the Bible, we have to deny other historical truths recorded because they parallel.

Ten Commandments were given so we would live peaceably with others not to keep us from living. But don’t worry, the world doesn’t live by them anymore being dyslexic. We murder those we don’t even know unashamedly. We covet our neighbor’s boat, car and the wife or husband and call it fair and somehow right. We don’t worship God, he’s “old news”. We worship ourselves because WE are the ones who make the money for the house, car and family. God only comes to mind when we need help with sickness or feeling weak. Why should we respect our mother and father? They are just as screwed up as we are. They don’t deserve respect after they divorced, made us move; they go out party on weekends and act crazy.

Many books of the Bible describe nations who were dyslexic as well. It doesn’t end well for those nations. Just like students whom learn to deal with their limitations and adapt skills to overcome. God provides us with the skills to overcome living in dyslexic America. He tells in Proverbs 3:5-6 to “trust God in everything cause you don’t know squat! Check with God before you do anything because He knows what’s best for your life” (personal version).


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