Who Tells You the TRUTH?


Last year in a small group setting, I asked 6 teenage girls whom they trust to always tell them the truth. I was surprised to hear their responses, but after further thought maybe not so surprised. Several girls mentioned one friend who will tell them if they don’t look so good that day, or if their clothes don’t match or if another friendship may need to be avoided. I remember those teen peers and what I failed to tell them is that those relationships typically change with age and maturity which is often sporadic at best. I proposed their moms. Wouldn’t your mom tell you the truth? These girls said no, they don’t want to hurt our feelings so they tell us the positive things. Maybe they don’t realize when mom says things that sound positive to redirect their negative comment or suggestion. I hope that is the case, because I want my boys to hear the truth from me in every situation before they are misguided or misled by the wrong information. It may be as big as the current events of the country and dire political and religious views which are challenged daily or as small as their singing, driving, behavior, or talent ability. My boys know that they will not be auditioning for “American Idol” or “America’s Got Talent”. I love them but that isn’t their strengths. Watching these shows always gets laughs because several mommas out there do not tell their children the truth about being tone deaf! Yet, I’m always amazed by these “no-talent” kids who are extremely confident in their “non”-ability to sing. Can we instill confidence in children by positive confirmation for 10-years?

We have an OFFENSE problem in the world now. Everyone is highly sensitive about what they believe or have been told. Instead of everyone having an opinion and keeping it to themselves, they have to force their opinion on others and make sure they confirm it. Resistance has become intolerable. Christians for the most part have been quiet and living the church life Sunday to Sunday without waves. People may avoid the Christian but no one evokes them on purpose. Today, we have the minority groups not only becoming majority groups but getting in people’s faces about their beliefs, opinions and rights. I’m a Bible-believing Christian. Bible says all sin is the same: so if I confront a liar, thief, murderer, hater, gossip, homosexual, adulterer, slanderer, and greed-monger, I do so because what they do is a sin and corruptible in the eyes of God. I still chose to talk, counsel, love on these people because the list includes many family members (to be honest) but I will not condone or approve their behavior. When our children lie, we call them out on it; tell them they are wrong and they don’t have to lie. We, Christians are not able to even correct anyone without persecution as an individual or group. Always tell the truth to others! God will handle the consequences.

Just FYI: this was the enemy’s (Satan) plan from the beginning! Don’t play his game. Stand up for the truth NO MATTER WHAT!


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