What you see is what you get


Trying to decide when people are telling the truth is a difficult task. We hear contradicting viewpoints and history and seem unable to tell truth from fiction. Looking over the lifetime history of a person in public and private can give a better view of who that person is. Of course I’m talking about Trump and Hillary, aren’t we all. Trump for his entire career has been a businessman consumed with the state of America with which he does business. He wants America to be a great nation once more. He is lude and crass and he says what he thinks. “What you see is what you get” like it or not. He may be deplorable but he is honest about who he is and what he wants to accomplish. Hillary on the other hand has been in politics for over 40 years and has the political “face”. Claims have been made that she is a champion for children’s welfare. I’m sure that is her positive focus, but are the children better off since she’s been their advocate? If I had the power that she has and has had, I would do something that makes sense. What about making adoptions in America easy and free? Have a strict application and background check for parents, but visibly HELP the children in need. -just a side note

However, whatever detestable things happen in her life, she maintains the “face”. Living under such façade is extremely dangerous. She not only has been fighting for her political stance, she has buried the hate, resentment, bitterness, anger, shame and lies of being married to Bill. No woman alive can live well knowing the adulterous affairs going on within the same house (without the help of Jesus). She is harboring the pain while putting on the “face”. From experience and history, when these horrific emotions are held within, there are consequences of health, which have been reported about the Parkinson’s Disease. It will ONLY get worse with time. And with the added stress she’s under currently, time is not on her side.


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