Becoming All Things for All People

Paul talks about relating to the culture and times of different people groups in 1 Corinthians 9:22. We cannot be “Ms. Educated Scholar” talking to the person on the street corner. Titles are way too overused in our world. Many search, strive and steal to be “doctor”, “reverend”, or “mrs” so-and-so. Christ calls us to be like Him: gently, loving, patient, kind and full of joy. The best example is Lottie Moon. She became “Chinese” as a missionary to China. People didn’t realize she spoke English. She became Chinese to show her love for Christ and love their souls. We do have limits however, we do not sin in order to gain acceptance of sinful people. I do not believe going to bars to reach those drowning their sorrows in alcohol is appropriate. There are different avenues to reach those folks.


Everyone likes to be treated with respect and gentleness. We can become that and it will help us blend in with everyone.

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