Do You Matter?

all lives matter


I know you are tired or not of hearing the debate on “black lives matter”. Who said they didn’t matter? It came out of news of black guys being shot, unfortunately by policemen. The debate escalated because the policemen happen to be white. People want to focus only on black and white racial issues when we have a much larger problem of people of all color, age, sex, and innocence being killed just because the murderer was angry or just following orders.

We are coming to the age of having to look over our shoulder, wonder why that person is sitting in their car, why did they look at me that way, what are they loading into their car or house. In each community, we need to band together like to former days of community. Whatever your color, if you are my neighbor, we need to know about one another. You look after the house while I’m away and I will look after yours. It is difficult in a large city, however the idea of subdivisions solve that particular problem. We can know our neighbors and then easily be able to identify those who may be up to no good.

Every life matters (even the life still being developed). We need to stop pointing fingers and start looking out for one another.


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