Just Another Family Reunion


An important part of the family life is getting together with all the relatives. Back in the day, family reunions were the vacation destination. A generation ago, family reunions were planned and depended on. Siblings and cousins get a chance to connect and play. As these cousins grow up and have families of their own, times change and jobs create a distance barrier. My generation doesn’t seem to have the family reunion spirit or the NEED to reconnect face to face. Social Media makes staying in touch easier and therefore we get the feeling that we have been connected. Face to face chatter is priceless and cannot be replaced by updates on our timelines.

Even though I may know about latest adventure and the accomplishments at school, it doesn’t make up for the time we could spend talking face to face, enjoying a meal, sitting by the pool, or at a neutral location where everyone is relaxed. People need time to talk, laugh, hug, discuss, play, share and exchange emotions. We get the chance to know more about our family and share similar struggles. We actually become friends and develop a connection that bonds us as a family. We are able to say, “Yes, I know “that person” well, she’s my cousin”, instead of saying, “I think one of my cousins had that problem.” In 2015, I highly doubt families make vacation plans involving the entire family. We are missing out on knowing people and making lasting bonds. I know families that don’t even know their siblings or parents well. That’s a shame and considered dysfunctional family.

The ultimate Family Reunion will be in Heaven. There will be folks who claim to know Jesus, having met Him and talk to Him on occasion. The names God and Jesus have been known since the beginning of time. It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t know the name of God and the many slanderous versions we’ve created. Those folks will be distraught and heart-broken to know that they didn’t “know” God and His love for them. Knowing God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is more than knowing His name and the accomplishments He has made in history. God desires a personal relationship. One where conversations are exchanged on a daily basis. One which you understand the character and personalities of God and everything He offers. God wants a time-spending, life-changing relationship so when the family reunion happens, He will run to you, scoop you up and hug you till you lose your breath. He excitedly awaits the reunion. What about you?


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