Are You Breathing?


Psalm 150:6 is the last verse of the book of Psalm. It says “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” All of nature is a reminder of our Creator. The One who made Heaven and Earth. The trees, plants, grass, crops all live and breathe. Living things are defined as an organism or living thing that shows characteristics of being alive or having life. In third grade, we taught that all living things need air and they grow. Why don’t folks realize that an embryo is a living thing? It grows within 36 weeks to become a living, breathing person, which continues to grow.

Why do things grow? Trees, flowers and grass grow because they are connected to the source of their life: the Earth (or more simply, soil). Embryo is connected to its life source: the female. Once trees, flowers, grass and baby are disconnected, they die.

Bible tells us that everything that has breath PRAISE the Lord! One day that will happen whether folks believe in God or not. God created us to praise Him. Jesus tells us in Luke 19:40 that if we keep quiet, even the stones will cry out.” Don’t give the stones a chance. Let’s praise our God for all He created and established in our lives. Our very breath belongs to Him, the giver of life.


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