It’s Not Me; Yet, It’s ALL About Me!

  The way of a child has infiltrated adulthood! Every parent, teacher, person around kids knows that children Do Not accept blame for anything. “Who left their bike in the garage where I could run over it?” –Not me. It is natural to not want to get in trouble. I understand that, but growth and […]

Good For Nothing!

  We’ve heard this term used before and it isn’t a pleasant one. Those who are lazy, bum-like, negative are considered “good for nothing”. That is an awful way to live. It is heartbreaking to see folks like this, we may even know a few in our family. They are considered “depressed”, “emotionally unstable”, “alcoholics”, […]

America Bless God (again)!

The United States of America according to history and the founding fathers was founded in order to have religious and government freedom. Freedom to govern according to the laws and rights given within the Bible. England was involved with ritualistic and systematic religion that was in contrast to the Bible. Therefore, brave and courageous men […]

Pain in the Butt

  I’m experiencing a physical pain in the butt. From sitting and lack of stretching and exercise, my piriformis muscle has become over neglected resulting in pain when standing, walking, sitting and just about everything else. Only when the pain arrives do I realize the neglect and choose to change my habits to incorporate stretching, […]


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