Another Revolution



Government takes the phrase “we are all created equal” and uses it to change our country’s foundational principals. We have equal rights given to us by our Creator, which is God, to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. These writers were living under oppression of the King of England. The king controlled everything they did in their lives. Founding Fathers wanted to be independent from a dictator.

Well, we now have a government where each state can control their affairs; yet, the federal government is the “big brother” who controls the affairs of the states. Washington, D.C has become the King of England. The cycle of history has made its way around after 250 years. So we are looking at maybe another revolution happening within 100 years to start another independent nation.

Why can’t we make our own decisions about insurance (car and health), seatbelts, taxes, who and how we import/export goods, new laws, immigration, adoptions, prison system, etc. Government makes these critical decisions and enforces them upon the people. I fully believe communities need order and rules maintain civilized. But, government has gone way too far with a few (usually with alternate motives) getting their way not caring “what’s best for the people”.


One thought on “Another Revolution

  1. Yes and no. Only “some” of the founding fathers wanted independence. Some wanted to install a new king. But none of them wanted freedom for the common man. Only the land owners and/or wealthy. Liberty was just a mantra. It was deficit of any reality. Ex: Taxes and Separation. Forced taxes [and tariffs] were imposed almost immediately. No freedom there. And when some [South] wanted a separate future from the others [North,] the dictator Lincoln forced a war upon the nation, and dared to call it “civil.”

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