Research Shows


Are you amazed at the research that goes on in this country? I’m glad folks are figuring out bigger and better ways of doing things, but some of the research is a bit oxymoron-ish. Being a bit facetious:

Research shows 4 out of 5 people who go without sleep are restless.

Research indicates that eating fast food every day will cause weight gain.

These sound like quotes from Captain Obvious. Sometimes we need to hear the obvious in order to make changes. We tend to get bogged down in daily work and activities until the obvious gets forgotten or ignored temporarily. One thing in particular for me is Bible reading. I know that Bible reading results in a closer relationship with God. Daily prayer produces peace and contentment throughout the day. I know these statistics and have experienced it personally. At times I let the worries and concerns draw my attention away. In those times, I feel lonely and distant. I let circumstances swallow me keep me down. Then, God reminds me of the research.


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