Pre-School of Life

all i learned


If you ever wondered if we are born into sin and possess a sin nature, we only have to look at children’s behavior. Hang out with two year olds and see how self-centered they are. It’s natural because they are in survival mode. They have to learn to share and even be able to work with others. Not everyone learns how to share and become other-centered. Even though children are taught to share and deal with others in a diplomatic way. Because school is only a part-time teacher, not everyone learns these needed lessons. Family influence has a tremendous effect on children and who they become.

Hanging around high school, being a substitute and volunteering, I see many students who can’t wait to be out. “Out of what?” I ask them. High school is the pre-school of life. When you leave high school, you are on your own where you don’t have a teacher or counselor or mentor to referee fights, settle your anxiety, encourage you to live up to your potential and help you make important decisions. Students don’t realize they need “help” and guidance, encouragement and discipline. Schools have 12 years to guide students in becoming who they want to be. This being said, your 12 years of school are extremely important. Just like all families can’t provide the best environment, all schools don’t either. Sad to say that all schools are filled with educators that “care”. We’ve been to many different school systems and have seen several policies. Just like business, there are educators who want things done their way at whatever cost, not considering what is best for students. “Isn’t that what education is about?”

Should we warn students of the dog-eat-dog world they are entering into? They need to learn to deal with the bully in 11th grade, problem-solving in trig, and world relations of the past in order to deal with real world. The saddest part of life is that many don’t learn the lessons they need in order to make changes this world needs to become a better place.


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