Keep No Secrets!


Children love to learn secrets and try to keep them. It’s fun and seemingly harmless. Once children learn to keep secrets, they may feel pressured or obligated to never tell. If a kept secret has negative meanings or is harmful, it can become like poison to that person. Sexual predators are notorious for telling their innocent victims to “keep this a secret between us”. This type of message is devastating to children who want to keep secrets while being harmed at the same time. Should they tell? Would someone believe them? What will happen if I don’t keep this secret? Fear will keep children and young adults from telling the deepest most hurtful secrets. Years will go by and the poisonous secret will eat away at their immune system making them sick quite often. The poison may convince this person to do drugs and drink alcohol in order to kill the poison inside. It helps for a few hours. The poisonous secret tells them they are no good, never has been and never will be. Our enemy, Satan, is the father of secrets and lies. He is the poison that erodes our mind, soul and body. He is a toxic controller who wants us to believe the worst things possible. When you have these thoughts, recognize it as the enemy and defeat him by saying the name of Jesus. The name Jesus is medicine to the soul, it’s a light in the dark, it’s a stone in our path, He is the Creator of all good and perfect gifts. He tells us in Romans 2: 15-16 about how our secrets will be exposed and judged by God. He will reveal all things and most of all destroy Satan once and for all. God wants us to be rid of secrets now, to live a life of joy and promise that God has planned for us. Are you feeling well? Get rid of secrets no matter how painful and harmful. Bring them to God and repent and trust Him to make you whole.

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